Applications for COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates "Vaccine Passport" (ワクチンパスポート)


ページ番号1018871  更新日 2022年3月22日


Applications can now be made for “Vaccine Passports”. There is no fee charged.

Application Procedure

Apply by one of the methods below:
(1) Bring your application in person to the Obu Health Center (Hoken Center) or Civic Affairs Division (shimin-ka) at Obu City Hall.
Hoken Center: Obu-shi Ebata-cho 4-2
Civic Affairs Division: Obu-shi Chuo-cho 5-70, 1st Floor

(2)Send your application form by mail to the Hoken Center.
【Address】 〒474-0035 Obu-shi Ebata-cho 4-2
          Health Promotion Division (Hoken Center)

Documents Required

(1) Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19 Application Form
Download link for English language application form is below.
(2) A copy of your passport.
(3) A copy of Personal identification such as Zairyu Card or Drivers License.
(4) Copy of vaccination certificate or vaccination record.
※The documents below may be required depending on your situation※
(5) If your passport contains your maiden name, surname, or alias (alphabet):
  ・A copy of personal identification that confirms this information.
(6) If application is made by person other than applicant:
・Power of Attorney
(7) For applications made by mail:
・A return envelope with address and postage paid.

Processing Times

Applications will be processed and issued approximately within 1 week. Your passport will be mailed to you or avialable for pick-up at the Hoken Center.

PDFファイルをご覧いただくには、「Adobe(R) Reader(R)」が必要です。お持ちでない方はアドビシステムズ社のサイト(新しいウィンドウ)からダウンロード(無料)してください。


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