Multi-lingual Vaccination Support in Nagoya (名古屋市にて多言語サポートのあるワクチン接種を受けることができます)


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A new vaccination facility in Nagoya will provide multi-lingual consultations, reservation services and general support up to the day of vaccination.
 These services are targeting mid and long term residents, people who are having trouble returning to their home country (have been in Japan over 3 months) and those awaiting deportation.

Reservations:FRESC Vaccine Reservation Phone Helpdesk (03-4332-2601)
・Monday to Friday 9時00分~17時00分(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)
・Please contact for cancellations or changes to your reservation.

Vaccination locations in Nagoya:※Do not contact the hospitals directly.
(1) Nagoya Kokusai Kaigi-jo(Large-scale vaccination center)
〒456-0036 Nagoya-shi Atsuta-ku Atsuta Nishi-machi 1-1
※There is no free parking. Using public transit is recommended.
(2) Fujita University Bantane Hospital
〒454-8509 Nagoya-shi Nakagawa-ku Otōbashi 3-6-10

Please contact the FRESC helpdesk(03-4332-2601)directly for information about the vaccination dates.

For more details see the pamphlet and webpage below.

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市民協働部 文化交流課
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