Information Regarding Coronavirus Booster Shots (3rd Vaccination)(新型コロナウイルスワクチン3回目接種について)


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 Booster shots for COVID-19 prevention are now being offered, the process regarding how to get your shot is as follows.


Information Regarding Coronavirus Booster Shots (3rd Vaccination)

1.A “pre-examination form” will be sent to you (Also known as yoshinhyo/予診票)

 In principle, people over the age of 18 who had their 2nd vaccination over 8 months ago are eligible for the booster shot. The city will then send you a yoshinhyo. On the bottom left corner of this form will be the date you received your 2nd vaccination.
※The yoshinhyo is attached to your proof of vaccination document. Do not separate these two and bring them as a set.

2.Make a Reservation

 Once the yoshinhyo arrives, make a reservation. How to make a reservation will depend on the vaccination location. If the available slots are full, wait for the next period where they open again.

 If you do not understand how to make a reservation, bring the documents you receive to the WELSAPO Foreigner Support Desk on the 3rd floor of Obu City Hall (Cultural Affairs Department.)

◆Reserve using the internet or city call center.
・Large-scale Vaccination Centers (City Hall, Hoken Center etc.)
・Some hospitals and clinics accept reservations through the internet and city call center. You can find these locations on the “Medical Institution List.”

 ※This video is an instructional on how to make a reservation for the 1st and 2nd vaccination. The process for the 3rd shot is nearly the same.

*City Call Center(Japanese):0120-08-5544 or 0562-38-5544


◆Reserve using a hospital or clinic’s website.
・Hospitals or clinics accepting online reservations will have “web” noted on the list.

◆Reserve directly with a hospital or clinic over the phone.
・Hospitals or clinics accepting phone reservations will have their phone number listed.

3.Fill in the “yoshinhyo”

 Use the translated version as a guide to fill out the yoshinhyo. We are currently preparing an English version.

4.Receive Your Booster Shot

 Check your temperature on the morning of your vaccination day. If you have a fever or feel unwell, contact the city call center or the medical facility to cancel your reservation.

 At the vaccination facility, wear a mask and sanitize your hands. Please refrain from bringing someone with you unless it is a caretaker. Wear clothing that allows you to expose your shoulder area easily.

Bring: ・The documents sent to you (including filled out pre-examination form)
        ・Personal Identification (Zairyu Card, Drivers License etc)
    ・Medication Handbook



□ Large-scale Vaccination Centers (City Hall, Hoken Center etc.)→Moderna(2/14~)
 hospitals and clinics except for Fujita Hospital→ Pfizer

□ Do not receive other vaccines (influenza etc) within 2 weeks before and after your COVID-19 booster shot.

□If your current address and registered address are different:

・Persons currently receiving long care and living in a medical or seniors care facility should consult the facility to receive the vaccination there.
・Patients with underlying diseases who want to receive the vaccination from the medical facility where they are receiving treatment, should consult the facility.
・If your registered address (according to jyuuminhyo) is different from where you actually live, consult the municipality call center in the area where you are currently living.
・If you move, take the vaccination coupons you received in the mail and inquire with your municipality.

□ Vaccination activity may be postponed due to weather warnings etc.
□ Children under 15 years of age require a guardian to accompany them.
□ Your consent is required to get the booster vaccination. Like the 1st and 2nd shot, the 3rd shot is not compulsory. If you have concerns with the vaccination please consult a medical practitioner.

□ Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Multilingual Call Center

Phone:0120-761770(Toll-free, everyday)
Time:English 9時00分~21時00分


市民協働部 文化交流課
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