Overview of the city




Achieving the City of Good Health

The basic philosophy for our urban development is "a city of good health". Together with all citizens being healthy in both mind and body, it is important that the communities and city where the people live are also healthy. To realize this philosophy, the City of Obu will designate this concept as its guideline in municipal administration, and carry out the basic plan based on this concept.


Improving the Environment

Adjacent to the City of Nagoya and rich in nature and geographical aspects, the City of Obu has developed as a city with a good balance between industrial and living functions. In addition, development projects run by the national and prefectural governments have considerable influence on the city. It is important to form an attractive industrial exchange base with improved city and living infrastructure, while closely observing the direction in which industries are headed. We are creating an environment full of vitality and prosperity where people working, studying and living can enjoy a fulfilling life.


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