Regarding the “Municipal Tax to be Deducted” Notification (市県民税特別徴収額の決定通知書)


ページ番号1021658  更新日 2022年3月8日


The “Municipal Tax to be Deducted” notification shows the amount of municipal tax that will be deducted from your salary from June of this year to May next year. All employees in Japan have their municipal tax deducted from their salary by their employers, meaning there is no need to pay this tax on by yourself.

(1)-Ⓐ 給与収入…This shows the amount of income you received from your employer from January to December of last year.

(1)-Ⓑ 給与所得【Ⓐ-Standard Salary Deduction】…This is your after deducted salary amount.
※ The “Standard Salary Deduction” is a set amount deducted from your salary.

その他の所得計…Shows income that was earned, other than from salary.
主たる給与以外の合算所得区分…This shows the category/type of this “other” income.

(2)-Ⓒ 総所得金額… This shows the total amount of income you earned last year.

(3)-Ⓓ 所得控除合計…This shows details about your income deductions.
※ There are various income deductions available, for example for persons with disabilities, taking care of dependents etc.

(4)Persons with disabilities, single parent households, and other designations eligible for deductions are indicated here.

(5) 課税標準【Ⓒ-Ⓓ】…This is the after deduction amount on which municipal taxes will be based.

(6)- Ⓔ 特別徴収税額(8) …This is the total amount of municipal tax which you will pay this year.

(7) 差引納付額((8)-(11)-(9),(10))【Ⓔ−Taxes already paid】…this total subtracts any municipal taxes that you may have paid already.

(8) 納付額 …This will be the amount that will be deducted from your salary each month.

If you quit your job and return to your home country

 If you quit your job to return to your home country, you should pay the remaining municipal tax balance directly to your company (lump sum payment.) If making a lump sum payment is difficult, the city will send you invoices that you can use to make payments (regular payment.) If you cannot pay off your municipal taxes in full before you return to your home country, you must designate someone to pay the taxes on your behalf. If you do not pay your municipal taxes, you may not be able to return to Japan in the future.

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