Regarding Certificates Such as Proof of Income, Tax Payment Etc. (所得課税証明書・納税証明書等の申請について)


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◇ What is Proof of Taxable Income? (Shotoku Kazei Shomeisho)
This document shows information on the amount of income you earned, and the amount of taxes charged, from January to December of the previous year.

◇Obtaining the Shotoku Kazei Shomeisho
This document is issued starting from the following date each year:
1.For salaried persons (municipal and provincial taxes are deducted from wages):From the middle of May.
2.For all other persons:From early June.

Tax certificates are issued by the municipality where your address is registered, as of January 1st. If you moved to Obu after January 1st, you must request the documents from your previous municipality. In some cases where your address registration is in one city, but you are living and working in another, you request the document from the city where you are living and working.

◇How to Request the Various Tax Certificates
【Things You Need】
(1) Coming in Person
・Personal ID(Zairyu Card etc.)
・Application Fee(300円 per copy)
・Power of Attorney(If someone other than you or a family member living with makes the request)
➁By Mail
・Application Form(write on the margin of the form a phone number to reach you during the day)
・Small Value Stamp(300円) ※Can purchase at post office
・Copy of your Person ID(Zairyu Card etc.)
・A return envelope(complete with name, address and return postage stamp)
・Power of Attorney(If someone other than you or a family member living with makes the request)

【How to fill in the Application Form】
1.Fill in the address (Obu), name and date of birth of the person who needs to certificate.
2.Fill in the current address and name of the person who came to the City Office counter. If you sign, there is no need for inkan. A power of attorney is required if someone other than a family member living with you picks up the certificate.
3.When requesting proof of tax payment for a corporation (Houjin no Nouzei Shoumeisho/法人の納税証明書), you need the company stamp (round or square). If you are unable to bring the company stamp, you must submit a power of attorney.   
4.Write down the relationship between the requester and the certificate holder.
5.There are several types of documents that can be issued. Mark ✓ on the required documents. Also fill in the corresponding fiscal year and the number of copies required.
6.Tax Exemption Certificates (Hikazei Shoumei), Tax Certificates for School Fee Reductions (Jugyouryou Keigen no Shotoku Shoumei), other certificates not offered by Obu, and certificates requested by mail are issued at the Taxation Division (Zeimu Ka).

<Tax Year Table>
The certificate is issued by the municipality where the person was registered as a resident on January 1 of the tax year.

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